Sunday, 31 July 2016

My race.

Finally a resume of the race which is one of my biggest achievements in my life so far (beside getting my driving license, managing to finish school without getting fired and receiving my lawyers qualification some years later).
I'll be unable to repeat all moments of joy, pain, happiness or fear and I think those stories are globally boring.
Most important is that I did it. Even though with a 4th reef during the last 10 days (mainsail break through), without wind instruments for 10 days, without AIS during 10 days, with a very basic pilot and with a very broken back during the entire race which took me 21 days. And even this is nothing extraordinary - every boat and seaman arriving to New York was damaged.
Nobody can't take this experience ever ever away from me and I'm incredibly thankful that this opportunity has been given to me.

I'll now recover from my back surgery and be back on track soon:)

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