Friday, 2 October 2015

Interesting racing and busy September

Having had an interesting very-slow-very-fast Fastnet Race, finishing 8 out of 23, we left the UK to roll home to Lorient.
The race gave a good vision on where we can improve and what needs to be done next. 
All in all a fun trip with a superb crew!!

Drifting at the start line:

Find us ;)

Always stacked properly:

 Tschüss fog & rain !!!

And being at home?
Some time off with friends :))

Heading to Isle de Groix for the Godille Worlds with Laure, Cath and Lady Moullec:

serious racing: women's world champion Sandrine Bertho agains "Maman":

And enjoying the summer in Brittany with everything being able to float (specially Cath's TOPPER!) 


And finally getting back on the job list for NIVEA's refit in September!

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