Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Med -> Atlantic -> North Sea -> Baltic

So after some very busy weeks me and NIVEA finding ourselves now together with two Vikings (Peter Gustafsson & Mikael Ryking) in the Swedish Bay of Biscay as Peter Gustafsson (www.blur.se) just explained me. We are on our way to Stockholm in order to take the departure of the Round Gotland Race (http://www.ksss.se/en/AFOR/) upcoming Sunday, 28th of June.

With 3 m draft it sounds like a very nice challenge to get the boat through the rocks forming the Swedish archipelago.

Follow us on http://www.ksss.se/en/AFOR/!

But what actually happened before we came to the Baltic See?

The timeline in pix:)

Leaving Palma de Mallorca - on board with me: the famous Luis Duc, new role model for NIVEA Men 48 h Stress Protect.

After stops in Portimao and Cascais we are forced to visit the Argonautas in La Coruña - due to heavy weather conditions, off course. Luis' Spanish knowledge increased significantly thx to very charming Monica.

Than I became AUNT for a third time - sending kisses to Mariana buhuhuuuuuuhuu!!!!!!!

End of March NIVEA arrived in Lorient, supposed to recover from the winter in the Med;) 
After a month of work, we headed off again. 

This time accompanied by two mermaids, Valerie Tisseraud and la grande Julie Gerecht....and food for appr. two transats!!!!

Three days of downwind :))

At Terschelling, Holland, we are crossing (and overtaking hehehe) my friend Herman van Lindschoten who is a about to bring his Kofttjalk JAN HUYGEN to Hamburg.


A fast delivery of in total 4 days (including Kiel Canal) is bringing us to Kiel, beginning of May. The weather started to look promising...

And the first sail in the Baltic, early "summer" (this is not me on the picture!!!) is really enjoyed;)


Quiet quickly after a family cruise for the opening weekend of Kieler Woche we are now - as initially said - on our way to Stockholm.

Peter is enjoying the helm and ... because we can.... we having WiFi!!

THX for that, Mikael!!!! 

Oh - and in the meantime I had another quick delivery:


More to follow soon!


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